Internal Hotel Rules


Version: 08/01/2024

1. To access accommodation at the Vacation Center (V.C.), interested parties may do so through Reservations or direct booking on-site.

2. Reservations can be made through various means: via the V.C.'s website, Real Estate Agencies, Travel Agencies, by phone, Airbnb,, and through the WhatsApp application.

3. All Reservations must be paid in advance through the various payment methods offered by the V.C.

4. Each Reservation is individual; only one responsible party will be admitted per reservation. The user listed as the reservation holder must attend and stay at the V.C. from the initial date of accommodation.

5. If the user needs to postpone their reservation, they must communicate and provide the reason at least 48 business hours before the scheduled check-in. In case of changes after this 48-hour period, the V.C. reserves the right to accept or reject the change.

6. Reservations can be canceled up to 2 days before the scheduled date with a full refund of the advance payment. If the cancellation is made within 2 days before the scheduled date, the advance payment will not be refunded.

Cancellation of Reservations can be done through an email explaining the reason, attaching a photocopy of the identification document, and a Bank Certification with the account number, which must be the same as the reservation holder (payments to third parties are not accepted).

7. The V.C. reserves the right to transfer made Reservations.

8. If the person who made the Reservation does not show up on the specified date, they will forfeit any right to a refund of the advance amount.

9. The V.C. only admits one responsible person per Reservation and accommodation rental, including consumption.

10. The person who has completed the Check-in process is considered a guest of the V.C., having signed the registration card for all accompanying individuals under their responsibility for all purposes.

11. Upon Check-in, the guest must present a debit or credit card, which will be scanned by the V.C. and stored in a file accessible only by the manager. Additional charges incurred during the stay (restaurant, beverages, minibar, etc.) must be paid by the responsible party upon Check-out. In case of departure without paying these additional charges, the V.C. will charge the card.

12. If for any reason, once accommodation usage has commenced, the guest wishes or needs to leave the V.C., the advance payment will not be refunded for any reason.

13. When a guest uses the V.C. parking, they must park their vehicle in an appropriate space; the V.C. is not responsible for partial damages or total theft of the vehicle or items left inside.


14. Daily accommodation at the V.C. starts at 3:00 PM and ends at 11:00 AM. After this time, additional costs per hour will be charged depending on the type of accommodation. Starting from 5:00 PM, an additional night will be charged. If the user arrives before the Check-in time, entry into the accommodation between 12:00 PM and 3:00 PM may be allowed based on availability and agreement with the V.C.

15. If the user wishes to extend their stay at the V.C., they must request it at the reception with a one-day advance notice. Confirmation is subject to availability and not being reserved for another client.

16. To Check-in, the user must present the original identification document of the holder and all accompanying adults, as well as a bank card as a guarantee. These will be kept in a file accessible only to the responsible party.

17. All minors must be accompanied by their parents. In the case of accommodation, if the minor is registered with a relative or third party, they must present a signed and authenticated authorization from the parents along with a copy of their identification.

18. Accommodations will be assigned only and exclusively at the time of Check-In.

19. The V.C. allows guest entry to accommodation for up to 2 (two) people in rooms, studios, and suites, and 4 (four) in duplexes. They may also access the V.C. restaurant but not the pool. These guests may stay in the apartments only until 11:00 PM.

20. To initiate the Check-in process, the user must first wash their hands or disinfect them if visibly clean.

21. Under no circumstances may the number of persons staying in each room/duplex exceed the capacity assigned by the V.C. or the reserved capacity.

22. If the guest encounters issues with Wi-Fi or cable television usage, they should request assistance from the Reception or V.C. guards.

23. The use of any type of weapons within the V.C. premises is strictly prohibited, except for security personnel on duty.

24. Ironing is prohibited in apartments without a kitchen.

25. All users are required to follow biosecurity regulations and comply with the V.C.'s internal regulations.

26. Biosecurity protocols, social distancing, hand washing, hygiene, cleaning, and mask usage are essential measures to stop the spread of the epidemic. However, due to the nature of the virus, the effectiveness of these measures is not absolute, and it is the responsibility of the users to exercise personal care. Therefore, the V.C. is not liable for user negligence.

27. V.C. services include complimentary weekly cleaning of the apartments. If the guest requests additional cleanings, the service will incur a fixed price per event. Maid service can be requested for duplexes at an hourly rate of 100,000 Gs. These services must be requested one day in advance.

28. It is the guest's obligation to keep conversations at a moderate volume and ensure their children do not disturb the rest of the guests. Running, shouting, or playing within the V.C. premises is not permitted.

29. The use of sound equipment in common areas by users is restricted.

30. Any complaints from other guests resulting from the behavior of members of the responsible guest's group that lead to any discount in the guest's rate or any compensation that must be given to them as a result, will be charged to the responsible guest of the offending group.

31. Guests displaying aggressive, threatening, or disrespectful behavior towards staff or other guests must leave the V.C. immediately and may be reported to the appropriate authorities. The V.C. reserves the right to refuse admission and continuation of stay to the guest.

32. The V.C.'s security measures strictly prohibit the use of electrical or other devices that may cause fire or damage to the facilities.

33. Smoking is prohibited inside the apartment premises, restaurant, lobby, and V.C. hallways, except in the gardens and balconies of each accommodation. If it is discovered that the user or their companions have smoked inside the accommodation, they will be charged a fee of 1,000,000Gs for sanitation, deodorization, and washing of curtains, bedspreads, blankets, etc.

34. Guests are not allowed to bring any type of animals onto the V.C. premises without authorization. Small dogs may be accepted with a security deposit of 1,500,000Gs.

35. Guests are prohibited from moving furniture installed within the V.C. apartments.

36. Guests are kindly requested not to hang clothes or towels on the windows of the apartments; throwing objects out of the windows is also prohibited.

37. The V.C. disclaims all responsibility for the loss of jewelry, money, documents, or other valuables of any kind kept in the rooms. The user will have access to a safety deposit box in their designated accommodation area free of charge for safekeeping.

38. V.C. staff will provide the accommodation with an inventory; at the end of their stay, any anomalies found will result in charges for missing or damaged items. The guest must cover the cost of repairing or replacing any object, furniture, or material belonging to the V.C. that has been damaged either partially or totally, whether by negligence or intentionally.

39. The guest agrees to return any item belonging to the V.C. that has been loaned to them in the condition it was received. Otherwise, they will have to cover the cost of repair, or in the event of total or partial loss, the amount will be at the discretion of the V.C.

40. The V.C. offers meal preparation services, which can be consumed in the apartments, restaurant, or around the pool. The cost of consumed items may be charged to the guest's account for settlement upon Check-out.

41. We do not provide laundry service, but we can recommend a nearby laundry service that provides good quality service at a reasonable price.

42. Pool use is permitted only with swimwear, and persons under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult responsible for their safety and supervision. The use of the pool is entirely the responsibility of the guests.

43. Guests are prohibited from removing towels from the apartments. Guests must use their personal towels for pool use.

44. The guest must inform Reception for accommodation handover at least 10 minutes in advance so that housekeeping staff can conduct the inventory.

45. If, during the Check-Out verification of the accommodation, sheets, towels, bedspreads, or any other item from the room is found stained with ink, blood, shoe polish, hair dye, or any other substance that is difficult to wash, an additional charge of 100,000Gs will be levied to the guest for laundry or replacement of the item depending on the damage caused.

46. The V.C. is not responsible for items forgotten in common areas of the establishment or for items left behind in the rooms after Check-out.

47. Late Check-Out (departure after the scheduled time) may be requested by the client, and its concession is at the discretion of the V.C. management.

48. If granted, the late Check-Out will have a price depending on the type of accommodation.

49. Objects or valuables forgotten by a user in the accommodation will be held in custody by the V.C. administration for a period of 60 days. After this period and in the absence of any claims, they will be discarded.

50. If, during the pre-Check-out verification, it is found that the apartment is very dirty and/or disordered, or with dirty, damaged, or broken dishes, an additional charge will be made for cleaning, repairs, and replacements.

The resolution of any omissions in this Regulation is the responsibility of the management of the V.C. We appreciate your cooperation in achieving our objectives.

We are at the disposal of our valued guests for any suggestions or to receive complaints and feedback, all of which are invaluable in our continuous efforts to improve our services.

“This place is for your relaxation and that of your family. Help us keep it clean and tidy at all times.”